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I’m Stacy, mom to three children who keep my life full of laughter.

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. After graduating with a bachelor of art in photography, I opened my own business.


I pride myself on being highly experienced in handling and soothing newborns. I love babies: their squishy little toes, sweet smiles, and tiny button noses.

My approach and style to photography are pure, natural, simple, and fresh. I am your storyteller. I’m here to capture the story of your newborn baby and portray that through my vision. The first few days when he is sleepy, squishy, and curling up as if still in the womb. The first smile, the flaky skin, and the swish of curl upon her head. These are your memories that have only just begun.


Capturing the first few days of your baby’s life with a photographer you connect with is as special as your wedding day. The love you have for your child is the celebration of love between two people. Those moments captured as photographs will be your memories forever….family heirlooms you will share with your child and their children for many years to come.

Podcast host

Join me as I chat with guests about any topic from preconception, birth, and Beyond.

Podcast guests have included:


Jamie Adams

Jamie is a registered dietitian nutritionist with over 5 years working with infants and children.

After finding very few resources and tons of misinformation on prenatal nutrition Jamie created Mamaste nutrition. She shares her nutrition advice for expectant moms.


Dr. Nazanin Moali, Ph.D

Dr. Moali speaks with me about introducing sex back into your life during your postpartum period.


Pam Pace

Co-owner of Keeping Pace with Multiple Miracles. Pam chats about raising triplets and how her organization helps new moms with support groups and a gently used retail store.


My family

Twenty-plus years ago, I married the sweetest man. The wedding was on Block Island, RI, which quickly became our family's summer vacation spot; if you have not visited, you must!


A year after our wedding, our first daughter Saylor was born; eleven months later, her "Irish Twin" sister Emery was born. Four years after that, our family grew thru international adoption, and we welcomed our son Grady into our family. My kids are growing up way too fast, and I love that I have always had a camera in my hands to document all the love and laughter we have shared.


Prenatal yoga teacher

I began practicing yoga over five years ago, and I fell in love with the physical movement of yoga and how it transformed my state of mind after each class. The balance postures have improved my focus tremendously. Mastering breathe through poses helps in all forms of life, including birth. I knew I wanted to share with others the power of a strong yoga practice. In 2000 I started my grand plan of teaching prenatal yoga, which required my 200-hour yoga certification. I then took another 85 hours to complete my prenatal coursework. We learned poses that were safe for prenatal students, but we were also required to learn about the anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and birth. I loved every minute of the course.



I completed the CAPPA 20 Hour Certified Lactation Educator Training as well as the ProDoula Labor, postpartum & Infant Care Doula training.


Awarded newborn & maternity photograher

I love learning and getting inspired by my peers.

I entered my first print competition while I was in college, and my image was selected to be published. I was so excited to see my work printed in the publication! I am currently working on becoming a fellow photographer from The Portrait Master. You must earn 100 points thru print competition.

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