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My very own luxury portrait experience!

I was lucky to have been selected to attend Sue's Bryce's workshop in Versailles, France. I had just opened an Instagram account and wrote my first DM regarding Sue's sold-out workshop. I said I would have given my right arm to have been able to go. A week later, I got another DM back asking if I would really give up my right arm as they had opened up a second workshop date. It took me five seconds to go and pay the deposit and just a bit longer to tell my husband I was flying off to Paris but would return home on the night of his birthday! Sue had mentioned that we could book our very own a luxury portrait experience in Paris with one of her mentors.

I immediately booked a portrait session with the amazingly talented Heike Delmore. A few months earlier, I had stumbled across the video that Sue and her team had created for Jill and Brad (click to view the video below). Their Love story is so heartwarming. I did not personally know Jill or Brad, but their story holds a place in my heart after repeatedly watching it over and over. Jill's very own portrait session in Paris was something out of a fairy tale book! Jill's quote at the beginning of the video said "If I could change one woman's life I feel like I would die the happiest woman just to affect one woman I would feel like I accomplished something" Well, Jill, you changed my life. Because of you, I found Sue Bryce and have met so many fellow photographers that have become lifelong friends thru The Portrait Masters.


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Image credit: Heike Delmore

The Light that Shines.

My Very Own Luxury Portrait Session in Paris

When I checked into my room at The Westin Paris - Vendôme, I couldn't believe my eyes. The room was gorgeous with floor-to-ceiling windows, a veranda that looked across at the Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre. There was even a view of the Eiffel tower. The night before my portrait session, I enjoyed room service while watching the Eiffel tower sparkle in all its beautiful lights. My portrait session began before sunrise with hair and makeup by the talented Caitlin Timmins. We had lots to chat about as she attended Berklee School of Music in Boston. You must follow her as she has many talents, including film/video/singer/songwriter. Once hair and makeup were done we headed over to Trocadéro square to capture the beautiful morning light rising. I was spinning in my dress in front of the Eifel Tower just as the sun rose, it was magical! Thirty minutes later, we headed back toward the hotel to take more images inside my beautiful room and at the hotel's front entrance.


By 8 AM, we were all celebrating a very successful shoot with a champagne toast. I had to pack up quickly and catch my plane home to celebrate my husband's birthday.

There was an even bigger surprise as I checked into my flight; I was offered an upgrade to First Class for an additional fee which was very low. I had never flown first class and may never get to again, but boy was it special!


A week later, Heike Delmore posted the image of me standing in front of the Eifel Tower, and I screamed with delight as soon as I saw it. It was breathtaking! A week later, she revealed the rest of my images via skype, and I purchased the entire collection of twenty 7x10 matted prints in a beautiful folio box including all the digital files. I have since enlarged the Eiffel tower image to a 24x30; it hangs in my home. I'll never forget that day, and I will always cherish my images from my very own luxury portrait experience. I want every one of my clients to feel as special as I did when they are in front of my camera. I hope my clients treasure their very own folio boxes/albums and digital files.

The Light that Shines.

A documentary created by Sue Bryce

Video credit: Sue Bryce

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