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Hello, I’m Stacy – the mom to three children who keep my life full of laughter.

I have loved photography for as long as I can remember. After graduating with a bachelors of art in photography, I opened my own business.

One of my favorite quotes is:


I pride myself in being highly experienced in handling and soothing newborns. I love babies: their squishy little toes, sweet smiles, and tiny button noses.

My approach and style to photography is pure, natural, simple and fresh. I am your storyteller. I’m here to capture the story of your newborn baby and portray that through my vision. The first few days when he is sleepy, squishy and curling up as if still in the womb. The first smile, the flaky skin, and the swish of curl upon her head. These are your memories that have only just begun.

Capturing the first few days of your baby’s life with a photographer you connect with is as special as your wedding day. The love you have for your child is the celebration of love between two people. Those moments captured as photographs will be your memories forever….family heirlooms you will share with your child and their children for many years to come.


Our Newborn Studio is located at 25 Walpole Park South, Walpole MA. 02081.

Professional Bio

Stacy Murphy is a Maternity, Newborn, Branding, and Real Estate Photographer at Stacy Murphy Photography. Stacy is also a Certified Doula and currently in the process of receiving her Yoga Teacher certification. Stacy is the host of the A Breath of Fresh Baby Podcast, which shares weekly episodes covering topics from preconception to birth and beyond. She’s a three time recipient of the Portrait Master’s Bronze Award.

When she isn’t in the studio, she’s a mom, wife, and friend to many! Her hobbies include kitesurfing, drone photography, and videography.

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